Friday, March 3, 2017

No, please don't use that word! #MFRW

Hi All! Wow! Can you believe it's Week 9 of MFRW 52 Week Blog Challenge!? Me either.

This week's theme is "Words that make me go Ick!" I have a few, and I'm going to throw them out there (this week is hectic, so a longer post on my blog with be forthcoming in a few days).

The word "just." It's funny as I am guilty of using this way too often, but when I do, I cringe. And I take it out. And take it out. And take it out.

Unique words that become repetitive. Any writer can become guilty of this offense. Even me. When writing a lot of steamy scenes, sometimes you get caught up in putting the words down that something is used way too often. I use the word "pleasure" too often when I write. In my rough draft, I use it to keep my pace going. In my edits, I wince and change, change, change.I remember reading a book once where the author used the word "skate/skated" to describe how the hero touched the heroine. I *loved* that use. But by the time the book ended, the word lost it's pop to me because of how often it was used.

Speaking of steamy (Warning, strong language ahead), because I read and write a lot of romance, there are the necessary personal body parts that are written. I like euphemisms for body parts (within reason). Dated terminology like "honey pot" and "love stick" only make me laugh. But what really makes me go "ick" are when the technical terms are used. A lot. If I'm in the middle of a love scene and the author constantly uses the words "vagina" and "penis," it throws me away from the scene and makes me frown. I guess it's not truly an "ick" factor, but in that it turns me away, it works. If the words are mentioned occasionally, I can see that, but when everytime an erection is mentioned, "penis" is used, it throws me.

*Disclaimer: Please, authors out there, I mean no offense if you use these words. Good authors use these sparingly, as they should, so again, no offense meant.

I'm in a rush today or I'd fill your head with more ick words. For now, hop on over to these other great authors to see what their ick words are!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I agree with you on the overuse of body parts. All words are useful to reveal character, used judiciously.

  2. LOL. Amongst the ICK words I listed on my MFRW are "just" and clinical names for body parts. Great mind and all that.

  3. We learn to be better writers as we go along. I'm going through the process of reediting older works that were previously edited. My new editor has been kind but there are parts of those older stories that make uncomfortable.