Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Still Here

It doesn't seem like I'm around since I haven't posted since, oh, months! But never fear, good ol' Ayla is still here.

I've been sweltering this summer. The incessant heat leaves me feeling like a wilted flower all the time. Give me warm clothes, a fire and a book to snuggle down with and snow outside and you've got a happy girl. What am I doing locked in the south???

Can you believe my story is not yet done!? My girlfriend is completely exasperated with me. I know because she hounds me every week. But I need that from her or it'll drop. My life is brimming with kids, pets, husband, teaching . . . basically what any author deals with. I am simply not selfish enough.

Even though the story's not through, it's almost there. I've had to completely rewrite the thing, but I did this willingly as now it's a much tighter, better written tale. I can't wait to share the good news of where you can purchase it!

I'm on a roll now with the story and the husband and the kiddos are playing outside so I'll take this opportune time to get back to work!

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