Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a busy life

Yes, I've been extremely remiss with my posting. Almost a month now! Shame on me. Kids, part-time work, homeschooling, a new exercise plan, housework, sicknesses and life in general notwithstanding, my writing has sadly been pushed to the wayside. But not for long. I have complete edits on my threesome story and let me tell you, it's times like these a person is tested on her passion and desire in continuing to write.

Thank God I still have my drive or I'd give up now. Pat yourself on the back, Steph. I will pass this test presented by your edits. THANK YOU for doing this for me. I don't think my story will end up anything like I'd originally intended, but the story should end up being a tighter, more entertaining read.

My husband gave me the "night off" from the kids to concentrate on the story (yea) and my revisions are going at the speed of moving through molasses. Do I change this word or that? What's another word for "slid??" Do I completely cut out the threesome deal and just go for the MF main story? So many decisions. But it's working. I still need several more "nights off," if you're seeing this, love.

So for now, I've exhausted my brain with the story for the night and I've exhausted my body from my exercises, of which I'm not real happy about. My latest progress report showed very little change. Very little. I'm working toward what you see in this pic. I'm not quite near it. My husband says any progress is good and I keep telling myself that. It's tough. I do vow, however, to publicly wear a swimsuit this summer. God help me with this.

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  1. Show me the manuscript!!! So how far along are you, Ayla? I'm curious as to how your story will turn out. The Deciding Factor is a wonderful title. Good luck!