Friday, November 27, 2009


Ohhh, I am cursing up a storm right now. I hate computers, I hate computers, I hate computers!

I just spent the past, oh, twenty minutes or so writing a beautiful post about the day after Thanksgiving and relaxing and taking it easy and upcoming writing ideas and all that nice stuff. I even found an awe-inspiring picture of a moon over an ocean with a heron flying off to the side. I'm telling you, very nice stuff.

Then I hit one button, on accident, and POOF, it goes all bye-bye. Can't find it anywhere. So that super nice blog you should be reading has gone to the never-never land of computer-ware, and instead of getting warm, cozy feelings from me, you get my foot-stomping and hair-pulling left-overs.


Not really, but still, it's the thought, right? If you're like me, you're shaking your head. Thoughts don't count for crap in my book, but that's for another post . . .

It's late and I still have writing to get to so I hope your Thanksgiving was great and you're gearing up for December. Later!

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