Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Tonight is the night for trick-or-treating. With multiple little ones, our house is abuzz with "is it time to go yet?" Normally, I love to go out with the kiddos, my husband and I, to see the costumes and teach them their manners while amassing an overload of candy that they will never eat within the next year. Check that, they could eat it, but I am a strict Mom when it comes to candy and trust me, not everything their little scary butts will collect will make it past their lips.

But today, this Halloween, I'm not going it for it so much. Mostly because the weather just plain sucks: it's humid as all get out and the forecast is calling for rain. Not to mention my oldest has developed a cough I don't like and there is no way in hell I can tell him he can't go out - -unless he gets progressively worse and runs a fever. I pray it doesn't get that bad. Not today. At least he has a full face mask with his costume and that should keep him warmer.

On another note, as I took my walk this morning, I contemplated Halloween and Romance. These two concepts don't seem to go together. You have scare your pants off and then you have endearing love. Wait a minute, what am I saying (I smack my forehead), of course they have a lot in common. What's better than having your pants scared off you so you can then be ravished with endearing love. That would be my best kind of Halloween. Big, big grin.

So here's to all of you tonight, whether you'll be toting the kiddos around, suffering from sugar overload, or later, playing halloween with your "loved" one and taking turns "scaring" each other's pants off.

Make it fun!

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