Monday, October 5, 2009

Write What You Know - HA!

Wow. I cannot believe it's been so long since I've posted. I swear in my mind I post daily. Even more than once!

Right now I am very excited about this new story I've begun. No, it's not the one that would be series - that one's on very special hold right now. That would be too easy, you see. Instead, I was hit over the proverbial head with a great story idea that again involves three awesome people. This one is much more complex than my last story but I'm loving it! There is one area of the story, however, that makes me want to pull my hair. Let me explain . . .

A writer is almost always told "write what you know, the story will follow," or some similar words. I love Love. And Romance. And Sex. Sounds pretty cut-and-dry, right? Well, these same mentor-type-thoughts neglect to inform the writer that even though you may know love or romance or sex (or you think you do at any rate), that's not necessarily what your characters know. And vice versa, you don't always know whatever it is your characters know.

Case in point: in my new story, all three main characters love basketball. I mean, they love it almost to obsession. And their love of the game is integral to the story. Well guess what? I don't know jack about basketball. I've seen a game or two in my life. I remember the basics of the game from whatever seeped in during the endless hours of PE somewhere back in high school, but that's it. Players, Teams, important games, etc., forget it. My knowledge is nil. I am not looking forward to this research. I only say this because I'd so much rather talk to someone about basketball instead of looking it up online. Wish me luck with that, by the way!

That's it for now. I think in some earlier post I mentioned talking about books I've read. I'll try to get that soon. This past month alone I've read so much my eyes have crossed from lack of sleep, but I'm back on my writing horse so the reading is to the side temporarily. Very temporarily. (Truth, there are a few books I'm waiting to get. If I had them, I'd be reading right now.)

Until next time, why not curl up with a good book and get yourself snared!

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