Sunday, January 24, 2010

For the love of Coffee and Sunday afternoons

I love my coffee. I drink way too much of it in fact, but I can't help it. It's warm and yummy and keeps my headaches at bay. Yes, laugh at that twisted thought. I drink coffee when I wake up. I drink coffee when I'm at the computer (a must). I drink coffee when I'm reading a great book (unless I've opted for a relaxing glass of wine, then the coffee comes after). I even drink a little coffee before I crash at night. I sip at my coffee with lots of smooth cream swirled in and absolutely no sugar or sugar knock-off. You don't call me sweet.

My adoration of coffee isn't a stand-alone, however. I have to have an accompaniment of snack. Not a lot. But I have to have a nibble next to the cup or to dip in. Biscotti, scones, crackers, chocolate chip cookies - I'm usually not too picky - but it has to be full of carbs or it never seems to go right.

This all adds up to a wonderful way to spend a little break time on a Sunday afternoon: a freshly perked cup of coffee, a couple of chocolate chip cookies placed nearby, a working computer at which to happily type away and a warm cat curled in my lap.

This is my Calgon moment. :)

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