Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Addition

Guess What? We have recently added a new addition to our family: a yellow lab! (forgive the demon eyes; I'm not a great picture taker) Already a home of two cats and two frogs and countless insects and bugs and other whatnots, a larger dog had always been in our future plans, but always "not now." Recently, however, the powers that be have decided otherwise. My husband found this sweetie wandering, appearing lost, in the middle of a busy road near our home. After a few weeks of having reported her missing and all that route, no one's responded, so we (moreso me) are slowly making her a permanent part of our lives.

Oh God, I forgot how having a dog around the house is like having another child! She's been great, don't get me wrong. We couldn't have asked for a better animal. But the coming in and out, the watching to make sure she doesn't jump the fence until we can secure the property better, the watching the kids (especially the littler ones) to make sure they obey the rules of having a new animal around -- I'm exhausted. With a smile.

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