Sunday, February 14, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I have been a very bad girl lately. (I've not been writing much). Instead, I've been reading like there's no tomorrow. Some bug bit me and I've been going through a TBR mountain that's been collecting for over a year probably. (Let's not even start of the books I have on my computer - jeesh). Some books in there I had bought new, some were second hand, some borrowed from friends, some ... I have no idea where they came from. Regardless, I've been moving through that stack and books I can't get into go to the give-to-second-hand-store pile and the others, obviously, go to my keeper bookcase.

Let me start off by saying my main taste in reading material is romance in practically any form. Contemporary, erotic, regency, paranormal, sci fi, to name a few. If it involves a couple or more individuals attempting to find that special someone (or someones), I'm snagged to check it out. I'd say probably 95 percent of my reading material falls into some kind of romance category.

I do not stifle myself, however, and I will read other genres. I like mystery, thrillers, some horror and even a few general fiction stories. It does help to make a person more well rounded, doesn't it?

Well, a couple of books in my pile were Janet Evanovich books, the Stephanie Plum series. Numbers 10 and 11. I've read several of Evanovich's romances and loved them but I kept putting the Plum books on the back burner. I don't really know why, and now that I've gobbled them up, I'm beating myself for waiting so long.

I cannot think of any book that I've had my hands on that has read faster, funnier and more engaging than these books. Part of my to-do list this week is to go out to get the ones I've missed! I promise you, once I started in, I could not - and did not - put them down. I let the kids have a hey-day with the video games just so I could curl up and read and laugh like crazy.

Man, I wish I could even think of writing with a comic flare like her. Yes, it's first person POV, which does usually throw me, but her writing is flawless. I don't care what the other characters are thinking because her (Stephanie) take is much more interesting. I'm envious of the dual relationship she has with the two alpha males (Joe and Ranger). I'm in stitches with her assistant (Lula)and her family makes my mouth gape. Beautiful, wonderful entertainment. If you ever get a chance to check one out, do so. You do not have to read them in any particular order, either, as I've discovered. Just crack one open, sit back and enjoy!

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