Thursday, April 14, 2011

With hair...or without...

There is something amazing and sexy about a man with a full head of hair. Endless fantasies erupt in your head. You can't help it. It's Pavlovian. There are the innocent attempts to tuck away that singular lock that constantly falls out of place. Or you may imagine the more intimate touch of how it tickles you in between your fingers when you thread your hands through his hair to hold on tight as he kisses you senseless. Perhaps you even dream of the added pleasure to your over sensitized nerve endings as his hair whispers across the bare skin of your nipples, your stomach, your thighs. *sigh*   

(See Image HERE)

On the flip side of the coin, of course, is the man who bares it all. True, not all men can pull this off, but for those who can, Whoa! Damn, it's sexy as hell. So you have nothing to run your fingers through. Nothing to grab onto when you need to hold on tight. *shrug* There's always the headboard (if you're lucky enough to be pointed in that direction ;)   At the point where you have this man, you don't care. Hair is the last thing on your mind. Most men who, in my humble opinion, make the bald look hot, have rock hard bodies that are more than willing to rock your world. They are muscle, they are focus, they are to the core ready to show you who's the boss.

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