Monday, May 9, 2011

My Man Rocks!

Sometimes, he gets it absolutely right. And when he does, it's fantastic!

Yesterday I will admit, I had one of the best Mother's Day ever. It definitely made up for the periodic missed gifts, missed Anniversary (yes, there was one of those), or general didn't-put-much-thought-into-getting-your-gift incidences.

The cards were amazing. He spent the time to help the little ones pick out very awesome cards that bespoke each child's attitude and personality. His was heartfelt and wonderful. 

The boquet of flowers was a surprise, but a beautiful arrangement of (okay, I may be female, but I confess I don't know plants or flowers)...but it is gorgeous.

Cozy pj's, and again, the playful cat motif suits me and my kids to a "T".

But best of all, he gave me a Kindle. It is sooooo sweet!

I take that back, the Kindle isn't what's best of all.  
Seeing my book on my Kindle
is the best of all!

Hope your Monday is a happy one!

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