Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is it Summer yet?

How do you define the beginning of summer? For some people, the end of the school year heralds the summer season. For others, Memorial Day opens the curtains to this time of year. Public swimming areas open, huge sales abound on clothes consisting of very little material and swimsuits consisting of even less material. If we go by the calendar, however, the first day of summer doesn't actually occur for almost another month...toward the end of June! Could you even begin to imagine the incredulity of trying to force people to accept that it is now, actually, still SPRING? Amazing, isn't it. 

For myself, I respect the official dates of the season's change. I have to in a way as I teach my kids. But internally, summertime for me comes with the weather. It begins at that exact moment when the air turns warm enough I need a fan or air conditioner on and the humidity levels rise so that even with my straight-iron in hand, my hair still battles to frizz.

Now, let me inform you that summer is my least favorite season. I know, I know, that should be a sin, right? Let me explain: my favorite season is Winter. Cold air, it invites closeness, snuggling, sharing warmth with someone else. Besides, if you're cold, you can always add more layers. In the summertime, if you're too hot, you're screwed. 

Other sins of summer include constant shaving in parts that should never see a razor. Razor rash in the same areas, and then having to don scraps of material that shows the world a body you'd rather keep hidden and these rashy areas you'd rather not dwell on. *shudder* Sweating - but not because you've worked for it. When I simply walk out the door and sweat pops out, I'm disgusted. Blowing fans and air conditioners may bring relief, but they also stir up allergies. Getting into hot, sticky car seats. A rise in tempers and impatience. Listening every day to the kids complain they're bored and then working fast ahead of this complaint to find/take/make/plan entertainments to keep them happy.  

I could go on, but you get the picture. So my summertime actually lasts a long time, especially since I live in the South, and I look forward to the cooling days that sneak in sometime around October, if I'm lucky.

I don't want to leave you,  however, with the thought that I'm a complete grump about this time of year. Contrary to all my dislikes, it does have a huge benefit for me personally. You see, since I play school teacher to my guys virtually August through May or June, these couple of months in between give me a break to do more of what I want. The kids can hang out with their friends more, play more video games or watch more TV (I know, bad mom, but this stuff is practically non-existent the rest of the year). They play outside more, go to summer camps. I don't have to be with them them near as much as I do within the school year, so while they're entertained elsewhere, I can read and write and work on all those, ahem, "great" writing addendum's that are a struggle the remaining months. 
Oh, yes, and the other added benefit of summer? I will admit; seeing hot guys wearing little to not, is a definite plus in the summer column!

Whether you love or detest the season, and whenever it begins for you, make the best of. After all, it only comes once a year!

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