Friday, June 3, 2011

Working through the weekend

As I don't hold a tried and true day-job, weekdays and weekends don't usually make much difference to me. So when I make plans to work - i.e., write - it falls down to the days I have the least amount of errands/appointments/birthday parties...which on the weekend is not often. 

This weekend, however, is special. I received my edits for Soulless today! This is a futuristic that finaled in the Changeling Press Shamrock Challenge contest recently. Soulless, the first of potentially three books, will be released with them in mid July. I'll definitely keep you posted on its progress!

Enjoy your weekend, read loads and try to keep cool.


  1. Yea! Have fun doing edits. hahaha

  2. Hey, absolutely no complaints. I'm thrilled to even have edits, you know. The opposite would be no edits - no story - no book coming soon. :D