Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Excerpt Time

Yes it is! I love excerpts, don't you? 

Coming this week, Malathix Soul: Jagged, will be released with Changeling Press. *happy dance, happy dance* This is the third installment in the Malathix Soul series which brings you stories of stranded aliens, and the strong women who help keep these aliens' shattered selves together.

On Friday, the 14th, I'll have posts everywhere with excerpts galore in honor of this story. 

However, because you're special, if you want an advance sneak peek, CLICK HERE to go to Changeling's site and the Jagged page. Here is where you can read the beginning of my book, but be warned. It's sexy, it's hot, and it's definitely X-rated! 

Have a happy reading-hump day! :D

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