Monday, October 24, 2011

The Good Ol' Days or the Good New Days?

There are times I think it'd be cool to live in times gone by. I mean, a century or more past. Those times where you had to live off the land, bathe in water pulled from the streams, go to the general store once a month for supplies. No cars, no telephones, no computers.

What!? I can hear you exclaim way over here. :)  

This past weekend I went camping with my family at a huge scouting event. It wasn't completely primitive: we did have working bathrooms and our leader is the consummate cook and provided all our meals. Yes, that does spoil a person. Still, we had to walk everywhere, and there were no phones to contact each other. We had our base - our tent site - and if we split up, we knew to meet back there. We had campfires and told stories and snuggled together as the temps dipped into the lower 30's at night. We do this routine a few times a year at least, and I admit, I look forward to them.

As a kid, I hated - I mean HATED - the outdoors. Even going for something as simple as a walk would send me into tears. How times change. With four males in the household, there is no way I'd survive if I didn't like the outdoors. Walking, hiking, biking, camping, you name it. If it's out-of-doors, we're into it. Yes, now, even me.

During the times, like this past weekend, where we do camp out, I can feel the adjusted change in me. The first night/day can often be uncomfortable. Getting used to only being outdoors. Not having the computer to turn to or the TV to turn on or an iPod to plug in. Not to mention all the other appliances and technology you do without. By the second day, I'm more used to the "withouts," and even though I think, it'd be nice to have them, I can feel myself already start to get past them. By the third day, I'm thinking that it's kinda nice where we are, and that I wouldn't mind living out "here." I think hard on all the stories - fiction and fact - about time before technology and I get invigorated. A challenge. I know I could make it. It'd be hard at first, really hard. But I know I could adjust and that I'd love it in my own way. As would my family.

Then the trip is over and we're coming home. First things first. Hot showers for everyone. Freshly perked coffee. Put the kids in front of the tv or games so I can sort through the belongings. Washing clothes. I find myself ever grateful for modern technology. I admit to myself that even though I know I could survive, somewhat happily, in the centuries past, I am happy to be here now. I like my technology. I like having hot running water and toilets that flush and washing machines and stoves and refrigerators. A car is handy and the computer is practically a necessity.

The point that came to me, out of all of this, is comfort in knowing my place is here. Comfort, too, in knowing that if I had to live without, I could - and would - but that I'd rather not. :)   It's nice sometimes, to know where you are in the great scheme of things. How about you? Where do you find your comfort level? Let me know and have the best of  days.

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