Friday, December 2, 2011

Visit me Quick for a **CONTEST**

**One Day Contest**Head over to Marie Treanor**Contest**Enter to get your FREE BOOK on Marie's blog**

I know it's a little late - sorry to all the early birds out there. But hey, look at it like this, I'm a night owl so maybe I'm giving the owls a chance. :D

Today I'm visiting Marie Treanor's blog where you'll not only get a sneak-peak excerpt from my upcoming White Hot Christmas release: Emmy's Wish, but you'll also be able to enter to WIN one book from my back list (winner's choice).

But you have to hurry, the contest is only good today, so head on over and let me know what's one of your Christmas wishes. See you there!


  1. Okay, so I missed it. But the book looks AWESOME!! Can't wait to read it. When is it coming out again?

  2. December 17 - but a head's up...check the Changeling Press site on the 16th. You might get lucky ~ And remember, every WHC purchase gives you chance to be entered to win books for a year! How cool is this!