Sunday, January 22, 2012

So much wonderful news!

Wow. I go off for a few days and come to home to so much great news! 

First, Malathix Soul: Broken is now available for your nook through Barnes and Noble. This is the second story in my Malathix Soul series, a futuristic erotic romance. 

Thorn d'Thiem is a man on a mission. Traveling to Earth to kick his sorry brother's ass back to Malathix is an interruption he can do without. His plan: get to Earth, find his brother, return to their planet and continue working toward their species' survival.

After years of ridicule, threats and even blackmail, Yvette Butler has learned to hide her half-breed status. Her latest betrayal leaves her needing to escape her job on Earth's satellite outpost. Her plan: Find a way to get off the outpost, leave Earth behind and find a new job and a new life on another planet.

When the two meet, they see each other as only the means to an end. But when they discover they each hold missing pieces of the other, will they work together to repair what's broken in them, or will they part ways, leaving only shattered remains?  Click here to get your nook copy today! 


On another note, I found out White Hot Christmas: Emmy's Wish, received a 4.5 Blue Ribbon review from Romance Junkies! Emmy is a dutiful Workshop Elf for Santa, and she only asks for one present, for one day. Will she be granted her wish? And if so, is her wish more than she can handle? Crissy, the reviewer, says, "...EMMY’S WISH is a fun, bubbly story that allows readers to imagine elves as individuals with sexual needs and wicked desires just like any normal person.  Ayla Ruse’s writing is fast-paced, witty and will have you smiling at Emmy and Trey’s playful sexual encounters, even as you wonder if they’ll have a future together." Click here to read her full review.

Bonus News: Yep, there's more! My super-short story, The Italian Shifter: A Cat's Curse, is available at All Romance e-Books. ***For Free*** This you cannot pass up. Click here to read this tale. 

Whew, what a fabulous way to begin a Monday (even if it is Sunday night *g*). Hope your Monday is fantastic as well!

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