Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Whew! This is the last Tuesday of September. Wow, how time flies. Here's what's new in my neck of the woods...

  • The Fires of Beltane received a *sweet* review from Long and Short Reviews. The reviewer states, "If you're looking for a quick fantasy filled with erotic sensuality of all kinds, mixed with a bit of mystery and intrigue, perhaps this is a title to check out!" You can see the review in its entirety here or here.

  • Serena's Prince received *four stars* on Goodreads. Check it out here.

  • My Christmas short story will be wrapped up this week. Yes, it should have been complete weeks ago, but unfortunate events at home has caused me to fall behind. 

  • Next up I'm planning on writing my story for the Soul Debt collection at Changeling Press, writing an exciting m/m/f story for TEB, and I even hear tell that there's a submission call out there for yet another publisher. My next couple of months plan to be very busy.

  • Tonight is the monthly online chat with Changeling Press authors and anyone who wants to drop in at Writerspace. I have all kinds of kid events tonight, but I plan to be there, even if I am a few minutes late. Join the fun!

  • Don't forget to drop by the Changeling Press Yahoo loop every Friday for some themed, steamy flash fiction. Remember, any and everyone can play!

  • Finally, in what-the-hell-why-not kind of way, I'm elbow deep into baking. Halloween begins my creative love of all things sweet. I've experimented with chocolate chip cookie bowls and filled them with butterscotch chips, or gummy worms, or icing, or even crushed oreo cookies. I'm working on plans to make cookies called vampire kisses and even little Frankenstein cookies. If they turn out all right, I'll try to post pictures! 

Enjoy the last few days of September. October plans to be a busy month - and don't forget there's a blog hop at the end of the month with great prizes to win!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Oh my gosh. I want to be at YOUR house for Halloween. :) Get crackin', missy. You have work to do. And please do hit up those special calls (submissions). Don't wait!!!

  2. Don't worry, I'll send (or post) the recipes. They seem super easy, which is why I love them so much. On the writing end, I've actually started a to-do/deadline writing list. I want to be like you when I grow up. :D