Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day Hump from Her Sexy Side

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Today I'm doing something I've never done before. (sly wink) I've joined up with Marteeka Karland and several other great authors to bring you Hump Day Humps. 

Below is a quite explicit and exciting excerpt from my latest release, Her Sexy Side. Enjoy, then click on the banner above and help yourself get through the week with the other humps being posted. 

Excerpt from Her Sexy Side by Ayla Ruse:
“Come here and hold out your hands,” Max told her as he stepped down from the chair and moved it aside.

Kiera did as he asked, nervously waiting as he took her hands and wrapped each into the looped scarves overhead. The effect was that she was now strung up, gripping the silky material, her body facing the forest on the other side of the patio.

“Whatever happens,” he instructed, “do not let go of these, got me?”

He hadn’t truly tied her up -- she could unravel her hands if she wanted -- but she’d seen his drawing. Even though she’d thought she’d be tied to a bed, she was flexible and wanted the promise of his art. Even if being exposed, outside, in the early evening made her anxious. “Yes, I get it.”

He stood in front of her and untied her belt. Pushing the robe open, his eyes lit up when he smoothed his hands over her breasts.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of these,” he murmured, ducking to place his mouth over her nipple.

She pressed her lips together, hyper aware they were outside her apartment. She would not make a single sound, even if it killed her.

“You, ah, aren’t planning on us making love out here, are you?”

“I absolutely am.”

“Max.” She drew out his name.

“What? You’re on the third floor. It’s not like someone can come walking up and see you. Your apartment faces a forest. No one can see anything.”

“But they can hear me.”

“Anybody there?” Max shouted.


They both went silent. When there was no response, Max shrugged, wrapped his hands around her waist and returned to feast on her breasts.

Kiera muffled her cries as he worked her breasts and nipples. He plucked one, twisted the other, nipped one, licked the other, and back and forth he went with his mouth and his hands until she squirmed and pulled tight on the scarves and wished she had a bed to lie down upon.

She rubbed her thighs together, the sensation of his attention to her upper body sending streaks of fire between her legs. When he shoved his leg between hers, she shamelessly rode his thigh, seeking relief.

Her orgasm came from out of nowhere. One minute she was writhing over him, sucking in air through her nose and pressing her lips together to prevent her moans from escaping, and the next minute she shot upward, her thighs squeezing his, her hands in a death grip on the scarves and her lip near bleeding from how hard she worked to remain quiet.

“I love how you respond, Kiera,” Max murmured against her ear. “I want more.”

“You always want more,” she teased, breathing hard.


Hope you enjoyed the hump! You can read more about Max and Kiera by picking up a copy of Her Sexy Side. Just click here

Remember, too, to click on the Hump Day Humps Banner at the top of the page to read more humps. *grin* Have a great rest-of-your-week!

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