Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Explicit Excerpt for your Hump Day Humps

It's Wednesday and I'm joining Marteeka Karland again for her weekly Hump Day Humps

Today I'm bringing you a scintillating excerpt from the tale Five Courses. It's my story in the latest anthology out from Total e-Bound, Whip It Up!, on sale now. 

Hope this tidbit helps get you through your week. ;-)

Here’s your excerpt: 

"Ohhh," she groaned. Mike sank his finger between her folds and deep into her channel. Her muscles gripped him hard and when he wiggled the digit, she felt every twitch through to her toes. 

"Open your eyes, sweetheart," Trent whispered. He rested back over the counter, the bowl now between them. He raised the spoon and let the pale mixture pour slowly back into the bowl. "I take it you've never sucked a guy off either, have you?" His whisper caressed her skin and she shivered even as she went up on her toes. Mike pumped his finger in and out of her--feeling Mike behind her while Trent talked right in front of her was screwing with her brain. She'd never been so sexually open. And under bright industrial lights, too. 

She shook her head while staring at the late-night stubble on Trent's jaw, and she couldn't help but reach out to touch him. He allowed one stroke before turning his head to capture her forefinger between his lips. He nipped the tip, then spoke again. "Keep your finger out. Yes, just like that." 

Trent drizzled the mix over the tip of her finger. Then he sucked it into his mouth, closing over the knuckle and swirling his tongue against her. Melissa couldn't have held back her moan if she'd been ordered. 

When Trent released her finger, he'd eaten all the syrup off. "Now you try it," he told her, extending his forefinger towards her. She opened her mouth. "Wait," he said, and dribbled the syrup over his finger. The entire finger. "Lick the glaze from my finger. Use only your tongue."

She stuck her tongue out and with the tip, tentatively swiped at the glaze. She tasted it, and a sweet, tangy lemon flavour burst over her tongue. 

"Melissa." Trent sounded exasperated. "Open you mouth and lick. The syrup. Off. My. Finger. Then you'll get to do it from my cock."

Melissa sucked in a breath.

"Problem?" Trent asked.

"I'm not used to the way you talk," she admitted, hoping they'd use more user-friendly terms, like 'private parts', or something.

Mike had dropped to his knees behind her and his hot breath fanned her inner leg. "She's like a faucet down here, Trent," Mike announced, his voice sounding like he was beaming with pride.

"I imagined so," Trent answered, before sucking the glaze off his finger, smiling at Melissa and addressing her comment. "I like to be blunt. Less room for confusion. So you're not one to talk dirty, hmm? That's okay. Mike and I'll do it enough for you as well."

A devilish gleam lit his eye and the corner of his mouth twitched. He pushed the bowl out of the way and captured her chin in his hand. His voice lowered. Not into a whisper, but into another timbre. "Mike's about to put his mouth on your pussy and eat you out. Pretty soon, you're going to wrap that pretty little mouth of yours around my cock and suck me until I come. We'll fuck you in your cunt and we'll fuck your ass, and you're going to take it all, begging for more while you come over and over."

Trent emphasised every naughty word and she flushed with each mention. She'd never felt so exposed and, despite the part of her that wanted to say his words were wrong, she craved what he promised.


What deicious fun--and these three are only on course one. Just wait until you see what else they come up with! 

Thanks for sharing some of your Wednesday with me. Don't forget to hop back to Marteeka's to enjoy other Humps!

You can find this anthology, Whip It Up! at any of these great booksellers:

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