Friday, October 4, 2013

New Release: Whip It Up!

Out today everywhere you love to buy ebooks!  

The Whip It Up! Anthology is available now. 


Here's a peek at what you'll find on the pages within:

Honey and Decadence by Wendi Zwaduk

Roxy loves her job at the Delight Tonight restaurant, but she longs for more. Her boss, Sean, has mentioned he’s interested in bringing her on as an accountant. Can she keep her wits about her or will she cave in to the blossoming feelings she has for him?

More Than Vanilla by Elizabeth Coldwell

Oliver Honeyman owns a chocolate shop in York that he runs with his girlfriend and long-time submissive, Nina Lee. But times are tough, sales are down, and Oliver and Nina know they have to do something to bring Honeyman’s into the twenty-first century and attract new customers.

Satisfying Desires by Victoria Blisse

Sally has a broken wrist and is struggling to cope with being off work and home alone. She goes for a walk but is distracted by the delicious smells coming from the local café. The tall and tanned Greek chef, Lucas, wants to look after Sally…and not just by feeding her with his delicious fried foods.

Five Courses by Ayla Ruse

Trent and Mike rule their kitchen like they do their subs—with firm command and guiding strokes. Only they haven’t enjoyed a sub in months, not since Melissa moved in with them. When the men come home from their club early one night, they catch her breaking just about every rule they have in their kitchen. Now the gloves are off.

Subterfudge by Normandie Alleman

When Roger asks his live-in sub Ashley to learn to cook she eagerly agrees, assuming it’s going to be a breeze. After all, she’s a bright, accomplished woman with a successful career—how hard can it be to prepare some food?

The Interview by Caitlin Ricci

Chef Anne is ready to move on from her first restaurant but she’s not going to leave her baby with just anyone. Plenty have applied for the position of executive chef and all have failed miserably. She expects perfection and knows with the right candidate she’ll get just that. A colleague’s request to give his son a chance may be exactly what she needs. If Jacob is as good in bed as he is in the kitchen she might just get a great afternoon and a new executive chef out of it… 

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