Monday, October 26, 2015

Spookapalooza Begins Today @TRS
Welcome Monday!

And it's not just any Monday, no. 
Today begins the countdown to that all-favorite time of year: 

All this week I'll be over at the TRS Party Site for Spookapalooza. 
Today I'm inviting you in and sharing a little bit about me. 
Tomorrow I'll start hitting you with some excerpts 
from some of my favorite stories I've written.

Even if you've seen my posts from the Party Site before, 
stop on by anyway! 
I promise, the posts you'll read and the excerpts you'll see 
have never been posted before. 

Oh, and yes, there are contests. 
TRS has prizes you can win as do all the authors involved. 
From *me*, 
one lucky winner 
(I'll announce who this will be next week) 
will be able to choose one ebook from my backlist. 

So if you've never read me before, now's your chance! 
(and if you have read me: Thank you! 
If you win, you'll get to choose a book you've perhaps not yet read). 

Good luck and come visit!

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