Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Scifi Release on Sale Today!

The Theme of Malathix Soul (box set): Scifi/futuristic Erotic Romance. Imagine Earth has established interactions with alien life. There is, of course, protocol to follow. A merchant planet, Malathix, wants to open relations with Earth and sends a ship to make this happen. When the ship enters our atmosphere, however, something goes awry, and the result is that the ship is destroyed and the Malathix are stranded. This is only a minor issue, though. The bigger problem is that their souls were stripped during the descent which results in their inner defense mechanisms--literal metal and scary sharp-everything beasts--being left unchecked. The only way to find balance is to locate the women to whom their souls became attached, and to convince each one that they are destined to be mates. 

In Soulless, Laya, a waitress in New Texas, doesn't understand why Space Lord Theradon is chasing her. Is it to kill her, or to love her?

In Broken, Thorn's determination to rescue his stranded brother is offset by Yvette, the female whose very existence could mean the salvation of their planet.

In Jagged, Camden lives with the guilt that he's responsible for their being stranded, but he refuses to open up to his mate, Deidre, who will give him all the answers he needs if he'd not only trust her, but his beast as well. 

I'm super excited that this box set: Malathix Soul, is available everywhere fine ebooks are sold as of today. You can pick up a copy from Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Coffee Time Romances! So many choices; it's wonderful!

Okay, so this box set comprises of not exactly "new" stories, but they are newly smooshed together at a price that way beats what you would've paid for the stories individually (and the individual stories are no longer for sale). Besides, reading a series all at once takes you on the emotional ride the writer intended in the first place...without having to wait months inbetween. 

Buy Links for your quick and easy pleasure ('cause I'm awesome like that)  ;)

And have a fantastic, wonderful day!

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