Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Autumn Experience

Deep breath in. Hold. Release.

Ahh. Doesn't that feel good? I just stepped in the house after spending a few glorious minutes outside. I enjoy being outside, this time of year especially. I don't necessarily do anything; I haven't quite let myself get into specific yard work as I'm more the inside work person, but to be outside in fall/autumn is amazing.

The leaves of the trees are all turned and the air is cooler. Some days colder than others, but no more blistering heat waves. I can pull on my favorite sweater or jacket and curl up in a seat outside. The wind blows more, it seems, this time of year, and every little gust pulls loosened leaves from the trees to rain down in a cascade of color. The ground is a blanket of yellow, gold, red and orange. The trees who are practically bare still stand proud, ready for their winter slumber, yet still a tenacious leaf or two clings, determined to hang on despite the inevitable change. These too shall fall one of these days.

With the kids, I'll take them out and have contests of who can catch the most fallen leaves. I pulled out a rake yesterday (ooh my arms) and turned our yard into a huge maze of pathways that is practically covered over this morning, but allowed for much play and romp. Taking this same rake, haha, the kids and I pull the leaves into huge piles so they can live every child's dream of jumping into leaf piles. 

On a more grown-up note, I've always enjoyed love in the autumn. Yes, springtime is popular with new growth and fresh starts. But personally, spring leads directly into summer - one of my least favorite seasons. Okay, summer does bring out a certain sultriness, but it comes with sweaty, sticky, humid ickyness - and I'm not talking about the good kind, either.

But autumn, with its cooler weather, paints the perfect picture of hand holding and snuggling into each other. If I had to put an age to the seasons, Spring time would be the first blushes of new love. Summer time is the hot and passionate no-holds barred almost anyone is good lust. Winter is the contentment of everlasting love, and autumn...Autumn is for the deep, knowledgeable love. People who have been there, done that and know what they want from life and from their lover. Or is willing to accept what their lover wants or needs. Desires to be together stem from practicality, too. To remain curled up together because the floorboards are too cool to step upon, snuggling up tight to your lover at bedtime because of the nighttime chill. Secret whispers to each other seem to mean more.

Enjoy this season while you can, because it never seems to last long enough.

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