Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm sorry officer; it really wasn't my fault

I wish I could have said that. I also wish I could have pulled off the ditz angle like in the pic. Unfortunately, my kids were with me, and I cannot do the dumb routine in front of them.

As if my jumble of a life couldn't stand one more hit, I got pulled over a couple of days ago...for speeding. I was only going 41, jeesh, and on a five lane road at that. But the kicker, it was in a school zone during school end time. Man, the $$$ fine!

I had just picked up my own kids at a nature class they take every couple of weeks and it honestly didn't register to me that other kids were getting out of their regular school at this same time. We go down this particular road quite a bit (not anymore), and the officer pointed out the blinking lights - overhead. I look for school zone blinking lights along the roadside, not overhead. I still was written up.

This beyond stinks! He could have let me go with a warning, ya know. I have an impeccable driving record and our car is a little blue thing, not some kind of sporty number. I definately would have learned my lesson with a warning. The ticket was quite a bit overdone, in my opinion.

Hope your week's gone better...

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