Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello all. This month has been more hectic than I'd ever imagined. Whoever said summertime equaled lazy time must not have had family. :)

After dealing with several family health issues (all seems to have leveled off), summer camp (of which I participated), coming to terms with my best friend moving to the entire opposite side of the U.S. from me (how dare her!), and other various necessities of family life, I think I'm getting myself back on track. I should be out there socializing more on facebook and the yahoo groups and other blogs, but for today, for tonight, I am prioritizing myself. 

Tonight, I write. 

Sweet bliss. 

The smile blooming on my face is such comfort. 

You see, it's been daaaays since I've put the proverbial pen to paper. Tonight my fingers are back to tapping on the keyboard, and damn if that isn't music to my ears. 

Tomorrow will be a good day because today I've been able to write.

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  1. I am SO glad you're writing. And I'm missing our weekly get-togethers, so you know. :(