Thursday, May 10, 2012

Burning Hot Changeling Press New Releases!

Treat yourself this weekend, it's Mother's Day on Sunday after all, and pick up these hot, hot, hot new titles out from Changeling Press today!

by Zoey Daniels

Callie's come to Leman in search of a new beginning -- she's in for a wild ride!

by Adera Orfanelli

Even in the Wild West, there's nothing much wilder than a werewolf. Except a dino shifter.

by Ashlynn Monroe

Can Raylin convince Captain Tristam she loves him, and it's all right to love her back?


by Megan Slayer

 Can Flynn handle the heat or will it burn him alive? Anything is possible in the club.


  1. Hey Ayla. When is Bad Gone Better coming out? June what? :)

    1. Hey, Marie! Long time no hear. At present, Bad Gone Better should hit the Changeling shelves June 1. Of course, it being Friday somewhere a day early - here - you'll be able to snag a copy May 31! :D