Sunday, June 17, 2012

Illness, Murphy's Law and getting back on track

Sunday is typically my personal day. A day I can re-group, plan out my week, get "things" in order and be ready to go for the world. It's also the day I (original intention) set aside to blog about items personal to me. I don't usually blog on these days, for the reasons aforementioned, but today I am taking advantage of this time set aside for me, by me.

I've kinda dropped off the radar this week. I know, only a handful noticed, but it doesn't matter because I noticed. What happened?

Life. I almost lost my mother this past week to an unexpected, smack-dab-happen-out-of-nowhere "unidentified" viral infection, "unusual" bacterial infection, and COPD (a development we didn't know she had until her hospital stay). The doctors are still baffled as to what happened to her and can only offer their best guess. She went through so many different tests it makes my head spin to even think of them. To say it's been one hell of a week, is an understatement.

Now, as if I need to explain how this changed my week. :)  See, normally I plan out blog posts, schedule them well in advance so there are no worries of missing days. I pop in and out of groups and discussions here and there just to say hi, I'm still around. Well, the only thing I did this past week was some last-minute-I-saw-it-in-time-promo on Friday.

The past five or six days have been my Murphy's Law. Being summer time, I've not pre-posted much of anything. I have more free time in my days and didn't think I had to worry about not getting a post finished. I learned a hard lesson. With everything going on, I didn't have time, much less the energy or mental focus, to post. I sorely regret this lapse. Especially since I've done so well in keeping up. Life does happen...

As of today, life is returning to a bit of a norm. My mother is getting better and we're making a few changes in our lives, but the frazzle and stress is less. I can return to focus to my writing, my "being around." I'm even more behind on my wip, but I know I'll get it done. I'll work a little later, a little harder, and all will be well. I've already begun to schedule a few posts and whatnot, so that if the rug is pulled out from under my feet again, I'll be at least a little more prepared.

It's no one's fault but my own that I've not kept up like I should. I'm kind of a private person and in a perfect world, I'd have everything scheduled, pop in a few minutes on the social circles, and that would be that. I'd deal with my crisis's and on one's the wiser. I like it that way. I don't like that when things fell apart, I'm left going, "I wish I would have..." 

So, that's my personal for today. Beginning tomorrow, my events will return to "as regularly scheduled."

Thank you,


  1. Thoughts & prayers that your mom has a safe & speedy recovery. Extra hugs, sounds like you needed a few. :-)

  2. Thank you, Leann. I'll take the extra hugs - you can never have too many in my opinion. :)