Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday's New Releases at Total E-Bound

Good morning and good day everyone. I hope you had a refreshing weekend. To start your week off right, snag yourself one of these great reads, just released from Total E-Bound.

by Bailey Bradford

Book nine in the Love in Xxchange Series 
Three men who’ve given up on love find it in the most unexpected place.

by J. P. Bowie

Book seven in the My Vampire and I Series
A demon assassin is sent to destroy Marcus Verano and his loyal friends - both human and vampire, but his plans are thwarted when he falls under the spell of the blood lust cast by Andrew Berés - vampire.

by Kat Black

Can a broken heart forgive, when the flesh can’t forget?

by Aliyah Burke & Taige Crenshaw

Book four in the Kemet Uncovered Series

by Lavinia Lewis
Book six in the Shifters' Haven series
Leopard shifter Gregory is delighted to finally meet his mate, but why doesn’t the heavily scarred young jaguar shifter Hayden recognise their bond?

by Alcamia Payne
When voluptuous Chickadee meets the intrepid French inventor Arnaud Petit, it isn’t simply his latest invention - Petit’s amazing mechanical horse - which Chickadee desires.

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