Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday News and Updates

Lot's going on today and this week. Hug those you love and make sure to tell them how much you appreciate their being your life. Give thanks!

  • I opened my email the other day to terrific news. Office Work received a great review from Barbara Hicks. She says, "This was so much fun to read and made me want to read more." Read the full review for yourself at Bad BarbsPlace

               Aftershock (Anthology)                                Sale $4.12
               Firestorm (Anthology)                                  Sale $4.49
               He Needs to Feed                                       Sale $3.74
               Hellhound Detective Agency:
                   I Won't Be Gentle                                    Sale $2.62
              Protect & Serve: Don't Need a Hero              Sale $3.37
              Riding the Pulse                                           Sale $3.74
              Sinful Wager                                                Sale $3.37
              Stallion's Accord                                           Sale $2.99
              Super Powered: Stolen                                 Sale $3.37
              The Air I Breathe                                          Sale $2.99
              Wolfsblood: Snow Wolf                                Sale $2.62
              White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stockings      Sale: $2.62
             White Hot Christmas: Clothing Optional         Sale  $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Emmy's Wish                Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Her Feral Destiny          Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Holiday Moon               Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Holiday Paws                Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Santa's Claws                Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Santa's Treat                 Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Stranded                       Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Stripping Christmas       Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: The Other Klaus             Sale $2.24
             White Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around           Sale $2.24

  • I'm on the Changeling Press blog today sharing a recipe for Carrot Souffle. Absolutely delicious! Click here to see if you'd like to try this dish this week!

  • This Thursday I'll be all over the place. Besides cooking a Thanksgiving feast, I'll be stepping across the ocean to visit Total E-Bound's blog, Hitting the Hot Spot, where I'll discuss a bit of what I'm thankful for.

  • I'll also stop by and visit Renee George at her blog where I'm joining a host of other authors for her Author Thanksgiving Thanks post.

  • It's a little more than a week left until my Santa's Helpers Christmas story comes out. November 29, don't forget. In this tale, entitled Zarakion's Tip, it features a petite and sexy delivery elf and a freaking huge demon. Talk about opposites attract, and these two attract each other like none before them. The elf, Taryn, discovers fabulous perks to being one of Santa's Helpers. 

Thanks for spending time with me today. Come back for more information. The next several weeks will prove to be a font of new information, new books, contests and great fun!!


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