Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Here's what's new in my neck of  the woods:

My twice 4-star reviewed fairy tale, Forever Wicked: Serena's Prince is now available at your other favorite booksellers. Links are:


All Romance eBooks: 

Barnes and Noble: 

and, of course, always available at Changeling Press:  

Next Tuesday (I will post a reminder) visit me at the Changeling Press Blog. I'm sharing a favorite Thanksgiving side dish recipe with you. Link: http://changelingpress.blogspot.com/

  • Finally, tuck a few dollars of your Black Friday money aside for the following week. November 29 is the release date of the first of the Santa's Helpers stories from Changeling Press. Zarakion's Tip, by yours truly, will be out this day. This hot love story takes place through one of the Gates to Hell, between one of Santa's elves and a Cha'horz demon. Link: http://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1950

Enjoy your week! 

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