Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hot Winter Blog Hop AND a New Release!

On Saturdays I typically post pictures of hot men, women, or combinations thereof. Today, however, marks the beginning of a very exciting and extraordinarily busy month of December, so I'm going to kick this off with something different. 

I have so many announcements to make, but I don't want to overwhelm you, so I'll give it in pieces. 

First, this is the first day of Nicole Morgan's Hot Winter Nights Giveaway Hop! Woo-hoo! Here's the nitty gritty: This hop runs today through December 4. Stop by here each day for something new. Any comment you make on my blog posts dated Dec. 1, 2, 3, and 4, will be entered in two contests. How sweet is that?

Contest #1 - My contest: 1 winner will have their choice of 1 pdf ebook from my backlist (does not include the Nov. releases, sorry). 

Contest #2 - Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop Grand Prize - This prize is worth over $100 in value and includes a $50 Amazon gift card, $10 Bookstrand Bucks, and an ebook prize package including 11 ebooks.

Conditions of the contests: You must comment and you must leave a valid email address. Hint - leave a few spaces in your email to avoid spambots.

A linky list is provided at the end so you can hop around to visit all the other great authors taking part!

Second, I have a new release out. *happy dance* It's only two days old!!  Santa's Helpers: Zarakion's Tip, is a short, erotic love story between one of Santa's Elves and a Demon. I've included a sexy excerpt for your reading and hopping pleasure.

by Ayla Ruse

Genres/Themes: Christmas, Elves, Demons, Hot Flash, Erotic

Price: $2.99, but you'll get 10% off when you buy this week and use code INSIDER112612 at checkout.

Delivery tips come in all shapes and sizes

SPDS – Santa’s Package Delivery System – is in full swing this Christmas. This special co-op of the North Pole delivers packages to the Otherworlders, including demons. 

Taryn is a new delivery elf this year, and she draws the short straw – having to deliver packages to Hell. 

Zarakion, a Cha’horz Demon – the guardians of the dividing line between Earth and Hell – has to work the unstable drop point. He has to play at receiving; not his favorite job.  

When Taryn steps through the Gate, she’s intimidated at first by the huge demon, but Zarakion gives her a delivery tip that’ll have her scrambling to return to the drop point again and again.


Taryn pursed her lips. Maybe, if she got another chance to hold his horns, he’d lick her again. Imagining that strange tongue running across her skin made her breath hitch. Okay, so she was turned on by a ten-foot demon. Things could be worse.

She rubbed her thighs, her blood heating with desire, and tried to stare into the darkness. He had to be here. Somewhere. He’d licked her, for Santa’s sake. Surely he’d want some more. Wouldn’t he?

Lost in her growing, heated thoughts, she didn’t recognize at first that the silence of the room had been broken by slick, wet sounds.

“What’s that noise?” she called out.

The sound continued. “Nothing,” the demon growled.

“Are you jerking off?” She recognized that slippery sound, and her lips twitched. Her ex had loved to masturbate more than having sex with her, so sounds of jerking off had battered her ears until she’d wised up and kicked him out.

The demon spoke, but completely ignored her question. “Sit tight and be quiet. I can’t let you out for at least another forty-five minutes.”


He didn’t answer. She strained her ears, and her heightened Elf hearing picked up the telling sound again. Yep, he was jerking off. So the big, bad demon found her sexy, hmm?

Knowing he stroked his cock turned her on big-time, but apparently he was shy. Good thing she wasn’t.

She arched her back and closed her eyes, wishing the entire room were lit. She’d rather approach him than tease him, but she’d do whatever it would take to entice him back to her.

“Oh, it’s hot in here,” she called out, laughing to herself at the campy tone in her voice. “I’m used to the North Pole. Snow everywhere, all the time.” As Taryn spoke, she stretched and casually removed her red spandex shirt. Her breasts were perky enough she’d never had to restrain them with a bra, and her excited nipples tightened and stood out as the material rasped over them. “You don’t mind if I get comfortable?” she asked, tossing her shirt over the windshield. “You did say I’d be here for a while.”

Bare from the waist up, Taryn lay back, letting her head settle against the back of the rear seat. Her little skirt had inched up, and she knew her thighs showed. Tuning an ear toward the demon, she smiled to hear his strokes picking up speed. Hopefully he’d join her soon.

The demon’s groan reverberated through the room, but he didn’t approach her. Damn, what would it take to get that thick-skulled creature over here? Frustrated, she called out, “Stop playing by yourself. Can’t you see I want you?”

A large shadow blocked out her light before the last word left her mouth. He stood over her, his legs spread at the end of the bike, his body hunched over hers while his large hands gripped the metal frame at the front of her motorcycle.

“Don’t break my bike,” she said fiercely, feeling his weight bearing down on the metal. His hot breath bathed her skin, and a second, silent thought slammed into her. She couldn’t turn back at this point. She murmured, “Oh, heck, what have I done?”

Her eyes quickly adjusted to the lower light, and she gasped, making out the strange part of him hovering above her. She should have known. This demon sported a monster-size erection.


You can BUY Zarakion's Tip now at Changeling Press. 

And, if you're contest hungry (who isn't, especially this time of year?), any purchase of a Santa's Helpers story this month gets you entered into the Changeling Press contest where you could win free ebooks for a whole year! Click right here to get all the yummy details on this contest.

Okay. Recap:
1) Go to Changeling Press to pick up your copy of Zarakion's Tip. ;-)
2) Comment and leave your email to be entered in my blog contest AND the grand prize blog hop contest
3) Pick the next blog to visit from the linky list below, and...
4) Have FUN!!!


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