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Brand New Release out today!

I am so excited! Today is the release of Party Girl from Changeling Press. This is the second book in the multi-author series, Soul Debt. What began as a fun flash fiction Friday theme turned into a scorching hot series of books that centers around this scenario: You open the door and there's a demon needing to collect a debt. What happens next?

My little flash fiction piece spawned this story. If you like romance that is dark, intense, and scorching hot, this is the story for you! Read on for more...

Party Girl

Soul Debt (#2)
by Ayla Ruse

Publisher: Changeling Press
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Art: Renee George

Genre/Themes: Erotic Romance, Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Menage, Bisexual and More, Magic, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism, Dark Desire

Santos teaches Erin some debts are hell to pay.


Santos, a Collection demon from Hell, finds himself drawn to a human. He doesn't want to corrupt Erin, he simply wants her, but he doesn't understand how humans interact. As he tries to blend in, his demon partner tricks Erin into bartering her soul.

When the time comes for Erin to regain her lost soul, Santos is chosen as her debt collector. He is bound by rules, yet he finagles options. One choice will corrupt her soul forever, but the other choice could spell her death.

Caught up in a situation neither wanted, Santos and Erin form a bond with one another, but will this be enough for them to survive and find love?


“Oh, my apologies, Erin,” Nirvana purred, the smile that adorned her lips looking wicked. “I am someone special, you see. Santos and I are partners of a sort. I initiate and he comes in at the end. He’s a Collector. He’d finished with someone else’s debt when he spied you and brought you to my attention.” Erin turned to fully face the woman, her words intriguing again, but very strange. Before Erin could question her, Nirvana continued. “Erin, I seek out those who have desires unmet. I seek out those who are willing to pay a small price in order to have these desires come true.”

Erin snorted to cover her pain. “So the both of you think I’m a basket case. Thank you. I think I’ll be going now.”

Erin stood up to leave, but Nirvana’s cool touch on her arm stopped her. “We’re not done yet, Erin. Wait.”

Nirvana’s voice had turned almost as cool as her touch. It made Erin nervous, but the seriousness in the tone made her do the woman’s bidding. Their gazes locked and in moments, Erin felt calm and steady.

“Good girl,” Nirvana praised. She took Erin’s plate from her hand and set it on the chaise without breaking eye contact. Erin saw the woman wave her hand to someone behind them, but didn’t pay the movement any mind.

“You’re really pretty,” Erin heard herself say. Nirvana stroked her cheek again and smiled, her red lips parting to show even, white teeth.

“Thank you. I think you’re a knock-out, yourself.”

A warm body pressed against Erin’s back. She would have jumped if Nirvana hadn’t been right in front of her.

“Hi, Erin.” A warm breath teased her ear. His voice sounded husky and a little agitated. “Is everything okay?”

“S-Santos?” Erin asked, shocked and excited at once. She wanted to turn to him but Nirvana had taken her face in her palms and wouldn’t let her go.

“It’s me,” he confirmed, and ran a tongue over the shell of her ear. Erin shivered between the two people. Their closeness seemed to have grown tighter.

“Good evening, Santos,” Nirvana purred. “Were you saving her for me?”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about, Nirvana. I finished collecting on a debt and stopped by here to unwind.”

Nirvana chuckled as though his words were funny. “I love working with you, Santos. You are ever the surprise. Either way, she’s a beauty, isn’t she?”

Erin listened to their banter in confusion. Santos’ body pressed against her back and his embrace made her feel like a possession. Being Santos’ possession didn’t sound all that bad, actually.

Santos nodded against her cheek, then asked, “Erin, would you like to return to the party, or have you agreed to Nirvana’s terms already?”


Pick up your copy of Party Girl today!

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