Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Free Read and a Link

It's Day 2 of the Swept Away Valentine's Day blog hop. So many great authors to see and even more fabulous books to add to your TBB piles. I know this is true for me, too! 

Friday's are full of sexy fun over at the Changeling Press Yahoo Group. Every Friday a new Flash Fiction theme is posted in which every and anyone can play (authors and readers alike). We try to keep our FF between 100 and 150 words, with as much heat and excitement as possible. 

Sometimes, oftentimes, these flash fiction snippets turn into something more. Personally, for me, two great stories have made their way to publication as a direct result of these flash fictions.

One story revolved around this theme: you overhear someone talking dirty at the office. What do you do? My flash fiction piece spoke to me, you could say, and developed into the over-the-top sex everywhere tale called Office Work. Although it seems run-of-the-mill at first glance, it's anything but. If you like the thought of five industrious, sexy, creative individuals finding pleasure with each other, then this books for you!

Here's the flash fiction piece that started me on this story, followed by links.

Flash Fiction piece (100 words) which led to Office Work :

"I want your head between my legs."

Roger peeked around the corner. There sat Melinda, proper as ever, a phone pressed to her ear. Melinda, and phone sex?

"Yes, honey. You can fuck me later. Keep licking."

Her words were right, just…not very enthusiastic. You had to be enthusiastic to have phone sex, else what's the point? It'd be a sin to let her monotone continue.

He spun her chair around, yanked her hips to the edge of the seat, and pressed his mouth against her pussy.

"No, stop! I don't mean you, Steve. I meant you can' God. Yes!"

*eg* And here's info on the full story version: 

Office Work

by Ayla Ruse
(A Razor's Edge story)
Novella, Erotic, menage, bisexual and more, contemporary, guilty pleasures (M/F/F/M/M)
23 pages
Published by Changeling Press

Barb from Bad Barb's Place reviewed Office Work and said, "Saying it was burning hot would be a mild description. This was so much fun to read and made me want to read more."

Roger's interest in Melinda is piqued when he overhears her talking naughty at the office. Unfortunately, she sounds like she's reading a boring script. Not one to pass up an opportunity to help out a fellow employee, Roger proceeds to demonstrate what Melinda and her caller are fantasizing. After all, it's a selfless effort to help her sound more realistic.

It's all fun and games until one caller demands more than Melinda alone can give. In a situation gone sexually out of control, five industrious office workers soon succumb to the control of this caller.

How far are these helpful employees willing to go in the name of realism? And will Roger ever be able to claim Melinda for his own? 

You can pick up your copy today from

All Romance eBooks
Barnes and Noble
Changeling Press

Have the best sexy Friday, and don't forget these important tips: Check out the other authors on the blog hop (click here), and leave me a comment (with your e mail) so you can be entered to win a $15 gift certificate from me to your choice of or I'll announce winners no later than Feb. 19. Thanks, and good luck!



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