Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Explicit Hump Day Hump for You

Welcome to Wednesday and to the Hump Day Humps, courtesy of Marteeka Karland. Immerse yourself in the following excerpt (for mature adults only), then click on the banner below to see who else is partaking in this sexy endeavor. 

The following excerpt is from my latest Changeling Press release, To Free a Djinn. Click here for more information on (and to purchase) the book. Be forewarned, I jump right on in here. ;-)

Explicit Excerpt from To Free a Djinn
by Ayla Ruse

Releasing Nico's cock long enough to pull out Justin's, Rebecca shivered with excitement. There was a time, centuries ago, she'd belonged to powerful sheiks who hadn't minded sharing her.

She hadn't lied to Justin and Nico. Pleasing both of them right now made her nipples hard and her pussy throb.

She tugged on Justin's leg until he set his butt against the counter, hip to hip with Nico. One man tall, dark, dressed in jeans and a black pullover. The other, decked out in dress slacks and a white shirt. Both had their gazes glued to her. She licked her lips and thrilled at the simultaneous jerk of their erections.

Leaning forward, she ran her tongue up and down the underside of Justin's cock. He watched her but didn't say a word. Nico ran his fingers though her hair, tucking it behind her ear, and she smiled at the men. Keeping eye contact with Justin, she sucked his thick cock into her mouth. Her lips remained tight around his shaft, and she licked him constantly when he shifted his hips, pressing farther, deeper. Without taking his eyes from hers, Justin pushed Nico's fingers away, held her head in both hands, and encouraged her to take as much of him as she could.

Justin was huge -- both men were -- but whereas Nico was long, Justin was thick. She gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat, but he waited for her to adjust. When she gave a little nod, he pushed even more of himself into her mouth.

When he let pressure off her head, she slid back oh, so slowly and tightly, sucking hard the entire time. His groan was music to her ears.

She flicked her tongue around the thick crown and deep throated him a few more times before switching back to Nico.

"That's it, Rebecca," Nico praised as he let her control her movements. Nico gripped the edge of the counter behind him.

She kept her fists closed tight around them, pumping and working her mouth on first one, then the other. Back and forth she went, physically tugging the men closer at each pass until they'd tilted their hips toward one another and their cocks touched tip to tip.

Feeling naughty, she tugged one more time and rubbed the smooth crowns together while she ran her tongue over and between both. She angled them, allowing her to suck the bulbous head of each into her mouth at the same time.

By this time, all three of them were moaning. Justin and Nico's hands stroked her hair, and she sucked at a furious pace. Her saliva dripped down her chin, down their shafts and off the base of their cocks.

"Oh, Justin, Nico. Come for me. Please." Rebecca couldn't wait to taste them on her tongue.

She liked the rumble of Justin's choked laugh. "Rebecca, baby, we aren't used to doing what our sub commands, but in this instance, we're happy to comply."

Nico surged into her hand and she turned her head just as the first spurt of his come jetted out. She captured the shot on her tongue before his jerking cock spewed his seed across her cheek. She lapped at him until she felt the telltale throb in Justin's cock. Again, she opened her mouth to capture his release. She continued to pump and lick as they groaned and came all over her face -- just as Braden had earlier commanded. She didn't release them until their cocks were clean.

Justin pulled away first. Nico followed, and something unspoken passed between them. Before Rebecca could understand exactly what, Justin pulled her to her feet, twisted her around, and lifted her up to the makeup counter.

"What?" she started, but the men weren't in the mood to talk. Her butt had hardly met the counter before Justin pulled her legs over his shoulders and buried his head between her thighs.

"Oooh," she cried, trailing her fingers though his thick head of hair. His tongue pushed against the sheer fabric of her pants, soaking the material with her own wetness. He lapped at her through the material, and she felt every touch through the gauze. Her pussy hadn't had this kind of attention in more years than she could remember. Most of her Masters wanted their own pleasure with little thought to her needs. These men knew what they were doing, and she stifled the regret she couldn't be so lucky as to be theirs.

Not to be outdone, Nico tugged open her vest and pulled one of her nipples into his hot mouth, his tongue lashing across the tip and his teeth nipping hard. Rebecca tightened her fingers in his long hair. Not so much to pull him off, but because she loved the rough attention. To encourage more from him, she thrust out her chest and shoved her breast further into Nico's mouth.

"Oh, Justin. Nico. I want more. Yes!"

She was close to coming. The men ravished her, and she thrilled at the sensations. Her body thrummed with excitement between them. Her need spiraled up, tighter and tighter, then --

Then she felt a different pull. Braden was calling to her. Now. Insistent. She felt the new command in every fiber of her being and, despite anything she wanted, she couldn't ignore her master's command.

"No!" she screamed, seconds before her orgasm, and seconds before her body disappeared in a blaze of blue and green flames.


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