Friday, September 20, 2013

Free Read available at Smashwords

I can think of very few things to start my weekend off better than with a freebie. Throw in some hot sex and I don't know about you, but I'm hooked. 

Out now at Smashwords is a short Encounter called With Toys. This free scene takes place after the story, Her Sexy Side, ends. It's short, it's hot, and it has a fun new toy for Kiera. 

In the novella Her Sexy Side, Kiera discovers she has a naughty nature, but only with the love of her life, Max. In With Toys, she explores how wicked she can be when she buys a toy for herself...or will she be caught? 

          “Are you asleep?” Kiera whispered. No response. Good. Taking a peek in the dim moonlight at Max, Kiera slipped quietly off the mattress and felt under the bed for the unmarked box she’d received in the mail today.

          When she closed her hands around the cardboard, she bit her lip, unsure if she was more nervous or excited. With another quick look at her sleeping husband, she crept to the bathroom, closed the door and sat on the toilet lid. Working as quietly as she could, Kiera opened the box, pushed through the packaging and pulled out her prize: another box. This one, though, displayed a neon pink, vibrating and waterproofed penis complete with a suction cup base. She’d gone the expensive route.

          "Wow," she exclaimed. When she pulled the toy out of the packaging, she gasped with delight and tapped her toes on the ceramic floor. My first vibrator.

Grab yourself this sexy freebie from Smashwords today in your favorite ebook format!

Have a great weekend~

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