Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Release

Yes! I have a new release. But I am very embarrassed as I should have made this announcement on my blog a week ago. Yikes. So, without further ado, here's my latest pride and joy:

Magic is erotic, period. Throw in a couple of extraordinary illusionists and a beautiful djinn, and what do you get? Friction enough to burn. 

To Free a Djinn

By Ayla Ruse

BIN: 06566-02112
Word Count: 21K

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From Changeling Press

Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Artist: Karen Fox

Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella, Paranormal, BDSM
Themes: Menage, Magic, Magical Creatures

How can a djinn, bound to the wrong person, find a way to be with the men she loves?

Rebecca, a fiery, beautiful djinn, quietly assists her magician master, hating every moment they’re together. His command over her is growing and she finds herself desperate to get away.

Nico and Justin, magicians sharing the stage with Rebecca’s master, want to help her escape. Once they become involved, however, they discover magic is not the only environment where illusions deceive. Nico and Justin want Rebecca for themselves, but what will it take to gain her submission when she’s vowed to never be bound to another?


Rebecca waited while Braden shook his body before beginning their pre-show ritual. She’d once made the mistake of laughing at him. He’d made her clean his shoes with her tongue for that outburst. She still shuddered at the thought, but kept her lips sealed. When he finished, she made eye contact with the man and pushed some of her energy into him. Her energy reawakened the rules and directions he needed in order to perform his routine. She’d tried to explain it to him once, why they had to do this before each show, but he’d gotten pissed because he couldn’t understand. When she attempted to further tell him how draining his commands were to her essence, he’d scoffed.
At the time, she’d given up trying to explain. Instead, she’d tried to pull back her energy and adjust the directions she’d placed in his head, but she’d learned fast how his onstage slip-ups meant days of disgusting punishment for her.
Braden liked to think he was a Dom, but he was far from this truth. A bully was more like it. He thought beating up on her made her want to follow him. Not likely. Every day she prayed that one of her beloved sheiks could return to this earth and pound Braden to a pulp.
Just then, Braden’s body jerked, hard, letting her know the energy transfer was complete. And when Braden shoved past her to take the stage amid staggering applause, Rebecca shifted deeper into the wings.
She’d sensed them moments ago. Justin and Nico. She’d smelled their warm and sexy scents. One more step… and, there. She snuggled between the two men who made her think longingly of her time in the past.
“Rebecca,” Justin greeted in a whisper.
“Where did you go today? Are you alright?” Nico asked, nuzzling her ear.
She ignored Nico’s first question, smiling as each man slid an arm around her back. She loved the warmth of their bodies and wondered when she could find herself between them, but with less clothing.
“I’m fine,” she answered, her eyes focused onstage and on Brandon.
“Meet us tonight after the show,” Nico whispered before running his tongue over the delicate shell of her ear. Rebecca’s lips curved.
“Yes,” she answered. “Brandon tells me to go to bed when we’re through. Into whose bed… should I come?”
Justin chuckled, tucked his finger under her chin, and turned her face to his. “Come in mine,” he returned, placing a soft kiss on her full lips.
Rebecca shivered at the command in his tone.
She left the men with a smile when she saw her cue to join Braden onstage. Yes, Braden did tell her to go to bed each night, but he never thought to specify whose bed. For the first time in ages, she looked forward to the night’s end.

To Free a Djinn is available *NOW* from Changeling Press

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