Thursday, December 26, 2013

Did you get a Kindle for Christmas?

Yay! Lucky you! I personally own a Kindle and love it. Of course, I think it's also evil incarnate in how freakin' easy it is to buy books. Just'll see. 

It goes like this...

You browse amazon, you may start off with a sample chapter here and there. Then you get sucked in. You want more. You HAVE to have more. And you do it. You hit the "Buy" button. It's so easy. No harm, no foul. And you, snuggled in your pj's, sipping spiked hot cider, can instantly read your brand new book.

Heck, what am I saying? It's ingenious! I love it!!

To get you started, why not visit my Amazon Author page where you can look at all the books I have for sale on this wonderful site. Take your time, read a sample or two, then get hooked. It's not hard at all to do. 

Have fun and drop me a line to share your slide into darkness...erm, I mean, uplifting tales of how great the Kindle has made your life! *grin* 

Visit my author page here:

Here's to endless, sleepless nights of reading!


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