Friday, January 27, 2017

He Said She Said Do...What-Do-You-Mean?!? #MFRW

Sorry Editor, My Common Writing Mistakes 
(MFRW 52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 4!!)

First off, THANK GOD for editors! The written word would be in a sad state if not for those diligent written-word police to make sure our stories look and sound terrific. 

Hmm...from me, I know my editors see plenty of mistakes. My more common ones revolve around two main issues: misplaced modifiers and awkward wording. 

I start writing and get caught up in the moment and before I know it, I'm writing half statements like, "silky to the touch, she put on the gown...." My editors quickly come back with, "what exactly is silky to the touch?"  

My awkward wording reminds me of someone trying to speak with a mouth full of chewing gum. Or cotton. I write off the hip, so to speak, and I often can picture exactly what I want. I write down all the different ways I see it in the rough draft, but by the time I'm working it though and it gets into my editors hands, I may have muddled the scene even more. I can clean up phrases and wording, but I usually have to have it pointed out to me. Then I can stew over one line for hours (!) until I'm able to change and bend the words to make them make sense. 

I could go on (possessives are another of my weak points), but hey, we all make mistakes. Right? 

So what are some of your writing boo-boo's? Want to see what other authors trip over in their writing? Check out the blog hop below to find out. And thanks for stopping by~have an amazing last-Friday-of-January! 


  1. Interesting post. I enjoy hearing about others writing process. Tina

  2. Great Post I think I have done that too. I would be in trouble without my editor!

  3. Both are really easy to do when you're on a roll.

  4. Interesting post. Editors do save us from ourselves, don't they?

  5. You left what dangling? (couldn't resist :) )Yup, those are a bugaboo too. Great post.