Monday, January 2, 2017

Stretching and refreshing

Like any time you begin an exercise, you stretch. And any time you go back to something you let fall to the side, you refresh yourself as to where you were. 

This past week I've been doing my mental (and writing) stretching and refreshing and it's been so much fun!

I've been writing every day and I cannot begin to tell you how great this feels. I'm currently working on a paranormal story that'll be fun, funny and hot. I've also been re-reading my stories. I know, I know, maybe I shouldn't do that. Yes, I do see plenty of places where I'd write something different--be it a word or even a completely new motivation. But, despite all that, it's helped me get back to the frame of mind of creating.

I miss the creative process and its a huge reason I returned to writing. I like making up stories. The background information I pull together which the reader never sees, but it's important to make the characters who they are. The places I either make up or research that gives the setting of the story foundation. The plot: what is going on and what's the problem and how will it be solved. And of course, the romance. Who falls in love first, who wants to kiss the other first, how their relationship develops and comes together to make those falling in love have their own special happily ever after. 

Please stick with me. I promise this year will be great. 

See you soon

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