Friday, February 10, 2017

Hobbies I have (or wish I had) #MFRW
Oh man, when it rains, it pours! I'm slipping this post in last minute like as I returned home from the ER just a little bit ago. Stupid gall bladder had me worried, and I almost thought they were going to take it out tonight. Instead, they filled me with pain med that has made me feel sick beyond belief, and scheduled me for a follow up with a surgeon. So,  both good and bad.

But enough of that.

What do I like to do when I'm not writing? Welcome to MFRW week 6 of the 52 week blog hop. In thinking of this question this week, I've had to ponder a bit in order to give you the best possible answer. First, I love to read. Give me warmth and a book and that's my heaven. But that's not really a hobby, is it?

I'd like to say I'm crafty, but I'm more of a crafty wanna be. I'll periodically do something crafty (usually for an event or holiday), and think, "Gee, that was a lot of fun. I need to do that more often." In truth, I don't.

I love to hang out with my family. But I guess that's not much of a hobby either.

That leaves walking. But I don't mean just up and down the street. I don't mean for exercise. I like to...hike, I suppose you could say. I like to walk on trails, in the mountains, on the beaches. Those kinds of walks. I like to see nature and all her wonderful surroundings. It may be a pretty flower, an odd shaped tree, or even a darting lizard. There something about being in nature this way that brings me a peace and calm that's hard to get anywhere else. It may not be much of a hobby, or one I can indulge in often, but if given the chance, I'll take this anytime!

photo from fotolia

Sorry for the abrupt end, but please be sure to check out the other posts in this hop to see what other authors like to do when they're not writing.

And as always, thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hope you are feeling better! Walking is a great thing and do it as often as you can. I have foot/knee problems that limit my ability to take hikes so if you are able, go for it.

  2. feel better. Walking is great exercise, especially mountain hikes.

  3. Oh no. Feel better soon! I've had my gall bladder out, so I know what you're going through. :(

    Walking is great. You can just enjoy your surroundings and be at peace. I find that spending time outside like that really helps clear the mind.

  4. Oh my! Feel better soon. Walking is a great way to keep joints limber after being glued to my computer.

  5. I'm so sorry you're not feeling the best. I hope you feel well enough soon to take another lovely long walk along a beach etc. That sort of thing grounds us.

  6. I hope you feel better soon! Gallbladder pain is awful! I wish i could still hike. I miss it.

  7. I hope you feel better so you can get back to walking soon!

  8. Thank all of you for your well wishes! I'm very happy that surgery is being scheduled in the near future to remove the blasted thing. :) And yes, walking is the best!