Friday, February 17, 2017

Music...or Silence? #MFRW

Welcome to another wonderful episode of the 52 week blog hop challenge by MFRW! This week's theme is Music to Write By.

For me, I write by nothing. The quieter, the better. I've tried writing by music. And television. And kids. And crowds. I just cannot do it. In fact, I've recently been going "away" to write. Most of the time I'll "check out" a little conference room at one the libraries nearby and write to my heart's content. Sure, there are windows and if I'm stuck I can see people walk by, but there is little to no sound to invade my space. Another place I've recently plopped down to write is Waffle House. Yes, believe it or not, the good ol' WH. There are probably a dozen I can easily get to, and it took a little bit of hunt-and-find, but there's a couple that, come 2 or 3 in the afternoon, hit a dead zone. Just 1 waitress and the cook. I settle in a corner booth, order something simple, and spend a couple or few hours typing away in relative quiet. 

So while other authors may thrive with their personal playlist going on in the background (and awesome for them!), I sway the opposite direction. Give me silence, and I'll turn out an awesome tale for you! 

Thanks for dropping by, and don't forget to hop over to these great blogs below to see what other authors write by. 


  1. Me, too. No distractions from the world I'm envisioning, hearing, smelling, feeling in my mind.

  2. I don't get much writing done outside of home and I often need to quickly consult research books. Dragging my historical books library around is not possible. LOL

  3. The library is a perfect place for those that need total quiet. My local library has a room open to anyone, but they have it deemed the 'quiet room' meaning no chatter, not even light whispering. The door remains closed, but there are windows to see people go by. I'm weird and total silence sorta freaks me out. Even when I'm home alone and crave quiet after a busy weekend with the kids and such, I have to have something in the background. Waffle House I would have never thought of.

  4. It is surprising me how many people write with no background noise, no music, no distractions. Wish I could. Too much silence can be its own distraction. Of course I do like a quiet deck on a mountain cabin overlooking a lake.

  5. I need silence to work, too, but I've never considered writing at Waffle House! People suggest going to Starbucks - ummm, nooo, way too noisy. The library is a great idea, too.