Friday, August 4, 2017

Coming Soon and a #CoverReveal

I'm excited to announce that I have a *new* story coming out! This month in fact. Bookmark the link at the end of this post so you'll have it all ready when the tale comes your way.

The story is titled It's In the Mix and it's the third book in a multi-author series entitled Wit & Wizardry. (Each book tells its own separate tale). 

Release date on the publisher's site is August 18, 2017. At that time, you can also pre-order from any third party site you like. On August 25, it will be available for direct purchase at most online bookstores. 

It's In the Mix is a novella length, paranormal romance set in fictional Bearstown, Massachusetts. Read on for more...

It's In the Mix
(Wit & Wizardry #3)
by Ayla Ruse

Mix 1 part narrow-minded fairy with 1 part human bachelor to get 2 parts everlasting love

Aisling is not happy to be tending bar in a human pub. Her fairy aunt predicted she'd find love by the next full moon, and that means she should be back in Ireland -- not in the middle of Massachusetts.

Despite the happy married lives of his friends, Daniel is content to remain a bachelor. After all, the pretty new bartender may want to come home with him. Why spoil that with a relationship?

Something might have happened on its own, but a mischievous pub owner slips each of them a Wit & Wizardry brew known to contain a powerful love potion. Before either can say a word, Aisling and Daniel find themselves tumbling headlong into love.

Unfortunately, all is not happily ever after. Aisling does not want to love a human, and Daniel believes he's unfairly pressured her into being with him. When the pair settle down to breathe, can they discover something deeper to bind them, or will daylight make the heady effects of a potioned brew fade away?

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