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#Excerpt from It's In the Mix #humpdayhumps NSFW

Welcome to Wednesday Hump Day Humps Blog Hop hosted by Marteeka Karland. Links to others are found at the end of this post. Here you'll get to enjoy a *never* before seen (in a blog post) excerpt from my latest and newest release, It's In the Mix (a Wit & Wizardry Multi Author book). It's on the naughty side, so definitely not safe for work. ;-)

It's In the Mix
By Ayla Ruse
Paranormal Romance (Novella)

What this book's about:

Mix 1 part narrow-minded fairy with 1 part human bachelor to get 2 parts everlasting love.

Aisling is not happy to be tending bar in a human pub. Her fairy aunt predicted she'd find love by the next full moon, and that means she should be back in Ireland -- not in the middle of Massachusetts.

Despite the happy married lives of his friends, Daniel is content to remain a bachelor. After all, the pretty new bartender may want to come home with him. Why spoil that with a relationship?

Something might have happened on its own, but a mischievous pub owner slips each of them a Wit & Wizardry brew known to contain a powerful love potion. Before either can say a word, Aisling and Daniel find themselves tumbling headlong into love.

Unfortunately, all is not happily ever after. Aisling does not want to love a human, and Daniel believes he's unfairly pressured her into being with him. When the pair settle down to breathe, can they discover something deeper to bind them, or will daylight make the heady effects of a potioned brew fade away?


Daniel entered the short hall and froze in his tracks. Stepping out of the women's bathroom was Aisling. Pure, bright, beautiful, love-of-his-life Aisling. What he felt defied understanding. Her hair crackled a beautiful, deep red and spilled over her shoulders and down her back. Her eyes, even in the dim glow of the hallway's lights, were big and luminous and a deep, mossy green. Softly curved lashes blinked slowly. Lips -- rosy, perfectly kissable lips -- parted in surprise.

In the space of a heartbeat, Daniel envisioned her in white with flowers running through her hair for their wedding day. He imagined the children they'd have scampering around them, the home they'd have, the love they'd share. Then he imagined her stripped down and beneath him in his bed. Her skin glowing bright. Her arms open and her body ready for him.

He took one step toward her, then another, and she did the same. They met in the middle, their lips unerringly finding the other's.

"Oh, Aisling. You are mine. I have to have you," he murmured between kisses.

He didn't want to hurry, but she kissed back as earnestly as he kissed her. Their hands were everywhere. He slid his palm over the back of her baggy sweatshirt, but before he could repeat the caress, she backed up so she was pressed against the wall. He followed, his lips never leaving hers, and his hand dropped to her hip. Her slight body curved into his touch. When her slender fingers slid between the buttons on his shirt and her short nails scraped his abs, he tensed and knew he couldn't wait.

"Come home with me," he said, pressing close. Her soft breasts crushed against his chest, and her nipples hardened. He groaned and ran his lips down her throat, nibbling as he went.

"Please, Daniel," she encouraged. "More."

Nothing mattered except getting closer to her. Getting inside her. He'd unbuttoned the top button of her jeans when someone behind them muttered a curt "Excuse me." His thoughts surfaced enough to realize he was about to take her in the middle of the hallway.

"Shit. We can't do this here, Aisling. Come home with me," he repeated.

He pulled back enough to look into her eyes, and he groaned. She looked wild, feral. Her wide eyes flashed green sparks, and her skin gave off a bright, translucent glow.

"No," she growled. "I need you now. Come here."

She grabbed a handful of his shirt and jerked him toward the exit. She pulled him through and shut the door firmly behind them. With more strength than he thought she could have possessed, she jerked him against her, her back against the wall with his body tight against hers. He gave her no resistance, his cock already hard and throbbing, his want of her overwhelming any other thought.

The evening air was cool, but nothing slowed them down. Her busy hands had opened several buttons on his shirt and teased his stomach and back while he slipped a hand under her sweatshirt to caress her breasts. She didn't have on a bra, and her small breasts fit his palm like they were meant to be there, meant to be his.

He fondled her and nipped at her neck, her jaw and her lips. She writhed and murmured his name, her breathy calls as soft and gentle as the wind but as insistent as a gale.

Daniel dropped to his knees and, with shaky fingers, unbuttoned her pants and pushed them and her wispy panties down to her ankles. She toed off one tennis shoe and lifted her foot, and he obligingly pulled that leg free from her jeans. With this knee still bent, he lifted it over his shoulder before moving in and claiming her bare pussy with his mouth. Her loud gasp was music to his ears, and he licked her like a man starving. Aisling's juices were so sweet he couldn't get enough, and even as she shuddered through her first orgasm, he was loath to pull away.

"Mine. Forever." He growled low, getting to his feet. He crowded her body as both their hands worked to open his slacks. She reached in first and, as her cool fingers wrapped around his shaft, he jerked, afraid he'd spend right there.

"In you," he told her, removing her fingers. "I need to be in you when I come. You're mine, Aisling. Forever. Mine."

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