Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Day to be Thankful

For all those on "this" side of the world, Happy Thanksgiving!

A moment, please, of your time for reflection....

I've found myself at odds here and there lately about thanks. In today's economy, in our world, there is much to disparage. There is much to sit and wonder "if I had this or that," or "I don't have this or that." Lord knows I'm guilty of this. It's a struggle for most of us. Keeping a roof over our heads, gas in our cars, having enough food and decent clothes for the kids. This is especially hard when I turn my head and see other people who seem to be doing so much better.
This dangerous thinking can lead only into depression. It's easy to become mired in this downward mind-set. It is a challenge to look ahead, and not down. If you're one of those stuck in this frame, I ask for one favor today.

Simply. Be. Thankful. 

It may not be much to be thankful for, you may say, but there is always something for which to be thankful. You are alive. You are reading this post. You already have more than some. This alone is worth more thanks than this one day presents.

However you celebrate today - even if you don't - choose to have a great day today. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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