Saturday, November 5, 2011

What to do when you're down

Depression seems to be the word du jour lately. Every other person I see/hear/talk to lately seems to be going through some kind of down-time, as in feeling stressed out, fed up, or out of sorts.

Life in general is hard right now. No doubt about it. We all do our best to keep our chin up and, as the proverbial mud flap states, "keep truckin," but even the weight of being upbeat takes its toll.

Sadly, I've fallen into the rut as well. It kinda ticks me off, really. I mean, this time of year is one of my favorites. Fall is in the air with hints of winter (okay, some of you have more than just hints of winter), the leaves are gorgeous, and lovely, thick winter clothes stuff my closets. I love the holidays as well. Huge Thanksgiving feasts with friends and family, gift giving at Christmas time. I mean, I thrive. I chuckle to myself, reminded of one of  those cartoons where a superhero can touch another person and absorb his or her powers. I feel like I've touched (i.e. been around) too many people who are in a depressing mood and it's soaked into my skin.

Now, how to shake it? *sigh* I can read - which I've been doing. Lots of hot little books and even a couple of historicals. I can write - which I've been doing, but I need to do MORE. I can hike and be outdoors - which I've done some. I can plan (I'm a HUGE planner), but for some reason, this isn't giving me the umph it usually does.

Maybe I need more sleep? I'm notorious for staying up way too late and then having to be up early every morning. I never - and I mean never - get to sleep in. Then again, I'm a night owl by nature, so what to do?

I think what will help me the most will be to write. To completely, unequivocally, unapologeticly immerse myself into a different world, different circumstances, different set of people, and let loose.

Yeah, this sounds like a plan to me. Have a great weekend. Oh, or - I can stand next to someone honestly upbeat. Maybe I can re-absorb the good stuff. :)

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