Sunday, November 6, 2011

Havin' a Great Day!

As far as willy-nilly afternoons go, this one isn't too bad. We came home from church and I told my husband he was in charge of the kids today. If they didn't go anywhere, fine, but for all intents and purposes, I would not be available for anyone. Hey, even I need a break from the whiny "don't-touch-me's" to the "he-stole-my-seat" scenarios.

So today I've been very content doing what I want. Wow. What a thought. :D
Yeah, for those that know me, I hardly ever do this.

My favorite local radio station went wacko a couple of months ago and the only way a person can decently hear them is to stream them. (Not the stations fault; the broadcaster went wacko, really). Even though this ticks me off when I'm in the car, it rocks here because I've had my rock going all afternoon.

Next, I've been listing a few odds and ends on eBay, hoping to have a few extra coins for Christmastime, ya know. 

Peeking at pics of hot guys. *sigh* Uh, I mean, I'm looking for a pic that'll match the hero of, um, one of my stories? Yeah, I'll go with that. 

Drinking delicious coffee with way too much creamer and absolutely no sugar. 

Loving the fall time change. Loving it!

Bookmarking pages in my research for the wicked Horror Romance I'm beginning. I became super excited last night when the story, plot and characters clicked and everything fell into place. I typed up a loose synopsis and outline last night and today I've been checking a few ideas/facts to make sure the story makes sense to others. I'm going to start hard and heavy on the writing today or tomorrow and will definitely let you know how this is going. I am so psyched about this one!

Ah, I hope your Sunday afternoon is going well. Try to take it easy, if you can, because we all know tomorrow comes too soon!

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