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A Sexy Peek Behind the Scenes of Serena's Prince

I am so excited! Next week marks the release of my new book: Serena's Prince. This is the ninth book of the Forever Wicked multi-author series from Changeling Press. The idea behind this series is a different, naughtier, darker take on some of those fairy tales we all know and love - or wish we did.

My tale is a sexy version of The Frog Prince. When Changeling authors were talking about making this new line happen, this particular prince immediately popped into my head. I'm going to share with you a little bit of why...

As you may already know, The Frog Prince tells the story of a girl who loses a golden ball in a pond. A frog retrieves the ball with a promise that she will let him eat at her table, sleep in her bed, etc. She is disgusted and ends up throwing the frog across the room. In an instant, the frog turns into a handsome prince and the two fall into each others arms with love and devotion for their happily ever after.

screech! WTH?

I don't know about you, but every time I read this story, I get upset. I don't care if the prince's curse was supposedly broken when the girl threw him, but after the way she treated him (as a frog), there is no way for me to believe he'd so quickly forgive her (btw, the kissing-a-frog thing was never in the original tale).

Enter the Forever Wicked series.

In my version, I fill in that HUGE gap. Yes, Serena's not been the best hostess to the frog. Yes, she does throw him, but no, he does not declare undying love. At least, not at first. In my story, he's a bit ticked off. As I imagine he would be. And his curse is not so easily broken. 

So now we have a handsome-as-sin prince who still has to break his curse (before he's irreversibly turned into a frog), while teaching the beautiful young Serena a thing or two about manners.

There's a PG13 excerpt on my coming soon page to the right, but here's a little excerpt for the slightly more adventurous - and don't forget to mark it down to grab when it comes out next week!

Serena's Prince
Forever Wicked (#9)
by Ayla Ruse

Parnormal/Erotic/BDSM Romance

(R) Excerpt: 

“And the real Serena is coming out,” he said sarcastically, chuckling. She was not amused. “You are too innocent to understand why I left the bed. I’ve not been with a woman since the curse was put upon me. And I don’t like to rush anything I do.”
“But --“
“Do not interrupt, please.” He stroked her cheek. “I will love your body. I will give you pleasure such as you have never known, but the time will be spent as I dictate.”
“What do you --“
Her words ended on a cry as he twisted one of her nipples. “I asked you not to interrupt, pet. You will do as I say. You will not disobey, or you will be punished. You will not argue, or you will be punished. If I want you to lie here for the next two hours while I stare at you, you will not complain. Am I understood?”
Serena blinked. Was the man insane? “You’ve got to be kidding.”
He popped his hand between her legs, the stinging slap on her pussy at once painful and exciting. “I never kid, Serena. Yes, I will make demands of you, but trust me when I say the rewards will be well worth your obedience.”
His words warred within her. It sounded exciting, but scary. What if he did something she didn’t like? She was about to ask, but he’d moved and was untying her arms. Before she could register what he was about, he pulled her over his lap with her butt thrust up in the air.
“Hey, wait. What are you doing?”
He held one hand on the back of her neck, keeping her upper body pushed down toward the floor.
“You, my darling, are in need of a spanking. You were unkind to me this week, and you’re showing belligerence now. I’ll serve you ten, and you must count them for me.”
“You can’t spank me!” she cried out, indignant that he thought he could do this to her.
He gave her bottom a sharp swat and she yelped, stilling under the unexpected strike.
“That’s better. Have you ever been spanked, Serena?”
“As a child.”
“Good. But just because you grow up doesn’t mean you outgrow the need for discipline from time to time. If you were to be with me, you would understand my word is law. If you disobey, you must be disciplined.”
“But –- hey, what are you doing?” She squirmed as cool air hit the backs of her legs. Before she could take another breath, he’d yanked her gown up her body and down off her head. Her eyes stared at the pool of silk, now a puddle on the floor. Unfortunately, this was not how she’d expected to be naked with the man. She wiggled more, not giving up her attempts to get off his lap.
When he slid his hand over her bottom, however, her traitorous body went pliant over his legs. She couldn’t fight this. She liked the rough feel of his touch. She shifted, and her hip bumped his erection. His sharp intake of air told her he felt it, too. She smiled and tried to rub against him again, but when his hand struck her bottom, all thoughts of seduction fled.
“No, that was one. Say the numbers out loud, please.”
“No, I won’t –-“
He slammed his hand against her again. "You will say the numbers, or I'll continue to spank you until you do. You're to listen to me now, Serena."


This is just a nibble of what goes on between Serena and her handsome prince. Want more? Bookmark Serena's Prince now, and snag a copy for yourself from Changeling Press when it comes out next week! 

Thanks for reading!


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