Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday's Sexy Picture: Prince Rennick

Okay, so this picture isn't flaunting a naked man. But when I was looking for my "prince," the hero in my upcoming Forever Wicked release of Serena's Prince, this pic snagged my attention and wouldn't let go.

Prince Rennick - a Prince turned frog and temporarily human again - is fighting to save his life as well as teach Serena a thing or two about manners, obedience and the beauty of submission.

I can see him now, as in this picture, watching her. Thinking. Deciding the best way to fulfill both their needs. 

Oh, boy.

I gotta tell you, Serena better watch out...

See if this frog prince gets his happy ending after all in the story, Serena's Prince, out with Changeling Press - August 24. 

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