Monday, August 13, 2012

Total E-Bound

Today, and for the next few weeks, you won't see any "new" releases on my page here from Total E-Bound. Are there new releases? Yes, but TEB is doing something terrific and as a result, there will be a few changes.

In an effort to make their general release dates tie in with release dates at third party sites like Amazon, TEB had to shift some dates to make the transition smooth and easy. General release dates will resume in September. 

What to do until then? Don't dispair! You can pre-order new titles directly from TEB, and if you do so before their general release date, you'll be able to snag your book at a discount. And get the book earlier than the general release date. Win-win situation all the way around.

I will still remind you to check their website each week so you can see what's up in the pre-order catagories. Beginning next month, when the general release dates resume, I'll return to highlighting each week's great new books!

Until then, hop on over and see what sexiness is brewing today:

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